Wireless (Wi-Fi) Login

The following page has instructions for Students to log into the Fanshawe College Wireless


Fanshawe College provides free Wireless Access to students trying to connect on Campus.

In order to access the Fanshawe College Wireless, you must meet the following criteria:


  • Have paid all your tuition fees (i.e. not an applicant)
  • Have an account with FanshaweCollege in good good standing
  • Know your FanshaweOnline username and password

If you do are an applicant, you will not be able to use Fanshawe College Wi-Fi or log into any computers in the homework labs. If you believe this

to be in error, please contact the Office of the Registrar.



If you do not have a Username or Password, you can contact us. Please see the "Contact Us" page for more information

  • Registrar's Office Contact Information

Contact Us if you don't know your Username or Password


Connect to the "Fanshawe Students" wireless network

NOTE: The following images illustrate the connection process, however they may look different depending on your Operating System version and/or

color scheme.


Open your "Wi-Fi Connection" properties:






Type in the Password (When prompted)

NOTE: This password is NOT your FanshaweOnline / WebAdvisor password. It is Generic "fanshawecollege" - one word, no spaces, no capital letters.


The Network key, WPA key, or Security key is:







Authenticate in your Browser

NOTE: If this page does not open, please see the troubleshooting step - 4.

You will be asked to authenticate using your WebAdvisor/FanshaweOnline credentials. Once you open a browser, a page will come up that will ask you

to type them in.




NOTE: You can ignore this section if you were able to successfully Connect and complete step 3.


The "Web Authentication" page does not come up

If the Web Authentication Page (from step 3) does not show up once you open a browser, you can try to navigate to:




The "Web Authentication" page still does not come up

If you tried to go to http://virtualwireless.fanshawec.ca/ but that did not bring you to the login page, you may have a "Static address" set



Fanshawe requires that your computer's network settings be set to

Automatically Obtain IP/DNS


For security reasons, Fanshawe College does not permit statically assigned IP or DNS addresses. You must set them to be "obtained automatically"

If you need help changing these settings, you can view the support information for:


I need help chaning the IP/DNS Settings on Windows


I have set both the IP and DNS settings to automatic, it's still not working.

In some cases, software such as Antivirus or Firewalls can block your connection to Fanshawe Wireless. If this is the case, you must either add an

exception to your program, or disable the antivirus/firewall. Some programs such as McAffee have been known to cause issues with access to Wireless

as well as wired Internet access. If you require assistance with adding an exception to your Antivirus or Firewall, we recommend that you contact

the software vendor for support.


I have checked all my settings, Antivirus and Firewall are properly configured, but it's still not working

If you have checked your Antivirus, firewall, IP settings, DNS settings, and they all seem correct, you may have a virus or malware that is preventing

you from accessing the Fanshawe Wireless.

Viruses and malware may be difficult to identify, however common signs of virus or malware activity may be:


  • Invasive popups
  • Installed programs that you do not remember installing (e.g. ones that advertise software, or that want to 'increase the performance or
    fix PC issues')
  • Advertising that appears on websites that should not show ads (i.e. Fanshawe's website does not show ads)
  • Your homepage getting changed
  • Redirecting your internet browser to pages you did not explicitly specify to visit

If you experience any of the above symptoms, you may try to resolve them yourself, however, if you would like to have it done for you, this service can

be arranged through the Fanshawe Computer Store - located in the Book Store. Please contact them. The IT Service Desk does not do virus, malware,

adware, or other malicious software removal for security reasons.

I have checked for viruses, all my settings are correct, everything checks out, but still nothing works!

In certain rare cases, a hardware or driver issue could be causing issues with your connection. Always ensure that you are using the latest and up-to date

drivers from the manufacturer.

In very rare cases, the Microsoft Windows operating system will use a "generic" driver for your computer. You may have to set it to the manufacturer

driver manually (Applies to Broadcom network adapters only)

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