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Welcome to the Manufacturing Sciences Division - Software Distribution.


Fanshawe College provides select Microsoft products such as Windows and Office for Free. These programs may be required for your classes, and are available from the Fanshawe OnTheHub website at no charge.




The Manufacturing Sciences Division is also providing select Microsoft operating systems, programming languages and other developer tools to its faculty and students through the Microsoft Imagine agreement. With this service you will have the capability of downloading software to your personal computer for educational and non-commercial research purposes at no cost.


For each student who is taking at least one information technology course which leads to a credit towards a certificate or diploma, an account will be created. An email will be sent to your FanshaweOnline email account. The email will contain your username (i.e., a password, and a link to the Imagine Download Site!


For more information or help with Imagine, please see the "Imagine" section in the FAQ, or click the "Learn How" button below.




* Please note, the Manufacturing Imagine website is not the same as the IT Imagine Website. Please use the link above if you are in the Manufacturing Sciences Division


Installation Instructions:





















Fanshawe is pleased to provide students with a download to SolidWorks. Please note that SolidWorks is only for students that are enrolled in certain programs that are offered by the school of Manufacturing Sciences. Please note: You must obtain a license PRIOR to installing this software. To obtain a license, please contact the IT Service Desk. You will NOT be able to install this software on your own.





Installation Instructions:


1. Download the Software

Before you are able to install this software, you must download the installer above (Click the "Download SolidWorks" Button). This button will download a small executable that would allow you to install this software once you visit us. Please do not try to install the software on your own, as the serial number must be entered by one of our technicians during the installation process.


2. Contact us to receive installation key

Please contact us once your software downloaded, you must contact us to receive the installation key (Serial Number). Your eligibility will be verified through this process. When you contact us, please ensure that you have your student card handy.

We also recommend that students do not do this immediately before their class, as the installation process can take upwards of 1 hour.


3. Install the Software

When you run the installation program, a "Security Message" may appear, you will have to allow this program to run. When the program starts, it will look as follows. Ensure that the "Overwrite files without prompting" and "when done unzipping open: sldim\sldim,exe" are checked, make note of the "Unzip to folder" and click the Unzip button.


 After a few seconds, you should see the following message - 340 files unzipped successfully, click OK, and the setup will launch.


The installation window should open, if not, you will have to manually visit the folder that you took note of under the "Unzip to folder" location, then start "sldim.exe".

Do not change any default values. Ensure that "Individual" is selected under the type of installation, then click Next at the bottom to continue.


Do not change any default values! Ensure that only SolidWorks Standard, Professional or Network License is checked!. The serial number below is for demonstration purposes only. The serial number will be provided to you when you contact us.


In this step,  the installer will automatically connect to the internet and download applicable updates and patches. This may take a while depending on if there are updates available, the speed of your computer, and your internet connection. After this step finishes, you will automatically be transfered to the next step.


After the updates, if applicable, install, you will be moved to the pre-installation page. It is important that you do not change any options except for selecting the "I Accept the terms of the SOLIDORKS License Agreement" after you read and agreed to the terms and conditions therein. You may read the terms and conditions by clicking the "License Agreement" link in blue, below the check box. After you have read and agreed, please press the "Download and Install" button at the bottom of the page.


The download and installation process will take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour (or more) depending on the speed of your computer.


You may also see the following message during the download:

You can either ignore the message, or click "Install Now" to begin the installation.


The installation process will begin after the message and after the download. The installation process will install a number of updates on your computers, including SQL Server and Visual C++ Redistributables.


Once the Installation Process has concluded, you may want to join the customer experience program, but are also welcome to opt out. You can also view what's new in SolidWorks 2015. After making your selections, click the Finish button to finish the installation process.




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