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Logging into Fanshawe College Systems

The following section describes how you log into Fanshawe's Systems, including WebAdvisor and FanshaweOnline.


Your username and password throughout Fanshawe's systems is:

The same as your WebAdvisor Login


If you require assistance with connecting to the Fanshawe College Wireless, click the button below


I need assistance with WiFi

I don't know my Username and Password

If you don't know your username or password, we will be able to assist you. Please contact the IT Service desk and have your student number ready.

Your communication with us is bound by the Privacy Policy (see the FAQ section).


WebAdvisor is the central location for all your account change requirements. Through WebAdvisor you can:

Go To WebAdvisor

  • Change your password
  • Change your home or mailing address
  • View grades and transcripts
  • Register for General Electives
  • Make payments
  • and more!

To get started, simply go to https://webadvisor.fanshawec.ca and click the "Log In" button at the top:


Do not click the "Guests" button, click Login instead


When you get to the next page, type your username and password. Ensure that your username is all lowercase letters or your login attempt will

fail. If you fail the login attempt 3 times, your account will be locked for a period of 20 minutes. For security reasons, Fanshawe College cannot unlock

your account and you must wait at least 20 minutes for your account to unlock. Repeated attempts to log in during the 20 minute lockout will reset the



It is important that you ensure that

Your username must be typed in all lowercase letters


FanshaweOnline is the central hub for all course material and assignments. To access FanshaweOnline, simply go to https://www.fanshaweonline.ca/

type your username, password, and click Login

Go To FanshaweOnline


MyFanshawe - also known as "The Portal" - is a site that is designed to provide forms and team sites to users, It is mostly designed for

Fanshawe Employees, however during your studies, you may be asked to fill out a form or access content on the MyFanshawe portal.


To access MyFanshawe, simply go to https://myfanshawe.ca/ and click the "Login to myFanshawe" on the left hand side.

You will be asked to provide your username and password. Please note: you MUST put "fanshawe\" (Fanshawe, followed by a backslash) in front

of your username to log in.


Go To MyFanshawe


Your MyFanshawe username and password are

Username: fanshawe\username

Password: Your webadvisor password

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