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Welcome to the School of Information Technology - Software Distribution.


Fanshawe College provides select Microsoft products such as Windows and Office for Free. These programs may be required for your classes, and are available from the Fanshawe OnTheHub website at no charge.




The School of Information Technology is also providing select Microsoft operating systems, programming languages and other developer tools to its faculty and students through the Microsoft Imagine agreement. With this service you will have the capability of downloading software to your personal computer for educational and non-commercial research purposes at no cost.


For each student who is taking at least one information technology course which leads to a credit towards a certificate or diploma, an account will be created. An email will be sent to your FanshaweOnline email account. The email will contain your username (i.e., a password, and a link to the Imagine Download Site!


For more information or help with Imagine, please see the "Imagine" section in the FAQ, or click the "Learn How" button below.




This program also requires a laptop. For the laptop requirements, please refer to the laptops section.




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