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As as student of Fanshawe College, you are entitled to select Microsoft Office Products for Academic and Personal use at no cost.

In order to qualify all you have to do is meet the following criteria:


  • Be a registered student at Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology
  • Have a FanshaweOnline account in good standing.










Getting Microsoft products is simple. Please follow the instructions below!


Please note, Support for Fanshawe OnTheHub - ("Free Microsoft Products") is not handled by the IT Service Desk.

Please contact Kivuto


OnTheHub Technical / Account support




Visit the Fanshawe OnTheHub Login Page

NOTE: Unless you have visited this page before, you do NOT have an account on this site!

This site is not run by Fanshawe College. You MUST create an account first before you can download the products!

Go to OnTheHub (Read guide first!)


Create an Account for OnTheHub

Before you can use this site, you must create an account. In order to create an account, you must use your FanshaweOnline email address.

If you have an account, you can log in here, if not, please click the "Register" button from the Login Page.

On the next page, please enter your FanshaweOnline email (; this will be your username for this website.

Click "Continue"


Please fill in all the information below. You will be required to provide;

• Your First and Last Name

• A Password (NOTE: The password you provide will only be used on this website! This may or may not be the same as your FanshaweOnline)

• Your Group (NOTE: It is VERY IMPORTANT that you specify the correct group - Students; if you do not, this may impact your ability to download


At the bottom of the page, click the "Register" button.


Confirm your registration

Before you can start using OnTheHub, you MUST confirm your registration. Please go to your FanshaweOnline email and click

on the link in the email you receive from Kivuto (The parent company of OnTheHub).

NOTE: In some cases, you may have to COPY and PASTE this link into your browser's address bar!


Download Software

Once you have completed the registration process, please log in using the username and password you created in Step 2.

To download software, simply follow the instructions on the checkout page (once you have clicked "buy" from the product page)


NOTE: The keys/serial number/software that you download is not a trial version, it is a full licensed version with no limitation, Please be aware, however

that the software is available for download on the page for 30 days following the checkout process. Please ensure that you keep a copy of the product

registration information as well as the installation files for your software. If you have lost the product registration or installation files, you will not be able

to view/download the software again unless you pay a recovery fee to Kivuto.


Kivuto Technical / Account support




IMPORTANT: The following section only applies to Connect programs that require Imagine Access

Imagine Information

Microsoft Academic Alliance - Imagine

Please note, the following section only applies to you if you are enrolled in a connect-program that requires access to Imagine. Imagine is not the same as OnTheHub, and is only available to students that are enrolled in select-programs. If you are not sure if you should have access to Imagine, please contact your program coordinator.




Visit the Imagine (MSDNAA) Login Page

NOTE: If you received an email to your FanshaweOnline email account stating that an account has been created, you do not need to register.



After you get there, click the "Sign In" link at the top.





NOTE: Students are automatically enrolled into this program, please check your email at the start of an academic semester for further instructions. If you did not receive the instructions, please follow the steps below.

Go to Imagine for IT


Request for an account to be created or Log In

If you do not have a Imagine account, please click the register, if you do, type your username (FanshaweOnline email) and password.


Go to Imagine for Technology


Request an account

If you do not have a Imagine account, Then you will have to click the "Register" button in step 2, you will be taken to a new page where

you will have to enter your FanshaweOnline email, after you type your email in - you will get the notification below.  Click the "request account" link

to continue





Request an account - continued

When you have clicked the "Request account link - you will be taken to a form that you must complete in order to have your account activated.

Please fill in the form and click the "Send". Your email MUST be your FanshaweOnline email!



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