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Fanshawe College provides select Microsoft products such as Windows and Office for Free. These programs may be required for your classes, and are available from the Fanshawe OnTheHub website at no charge.





Your program requires laptop. For the laptop requirements, please refer to the laptops section. All laptops are required to meet, but recommended to exceed minimum system requirements as outlined in the Laptops section. Information for Apple MacBooks and Foreign-language laptops is also provided in the section.




Other Software - Required

This program requires Newsroom 4.5 - This software must be installed by the IT Service Desk Staff at the Main Fanshawe Campus.

Please bring a computer running a supported version of Windows (as denoted on the Laptop Requirements) page to room E2030 within our normal working hours, and the software can be installed for you. Our normal working hours can be found on the Home Page

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