How to BootCamp a MacBook

If you plan to or are using an Apple MacBook, you MUST read and agree to the "Apple MacBook" Section below.

The BootCamp process

The Section below is comprised of material that you may find useful if you plan to BootCamp your MacBook for use with the Microsoft Windows Operating

System. Please be aware that, by following these steps, Fanshawe College takes, in no part, any responsibility with damage that, in rare cases, can lead to

system data loss (pictures, movies, etc), system instability, or any other side effect of the BootCamp process. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have

a complete system backup of all your files and programs in the case that data loss does occur. By following the steps in this guide, you agree to be

bound by the conditions outlined in this clause.


I installed Windows, but need help!

Unfortunately we can only provide limited support to BootCamp or Windows on MacBooks, we recommend that you contact Apple's support, or view the support information below.

Get BootCamp or Windows support


Requirements for BootCamp

As a general note, Intel-based MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook support Windows.

Recent MacBooks, those released after 2014 no longer support Windows 7. You must install a minimum of Windows 8 or 8.1/10.

The requirements for each Windows Operating system is different, however we recommended that your MacBook have:


  • at least an Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 8GB of RAM (4 is minimum, however may impact performance in certain cases)
  • Substantial disk space (varies by program, please check your laptop program requirements from the Laptops section)


In addition to the above the IT Service desk requires that:

  • Each student provide their own copy of Windows. We do not provide the installation media or serial number - this can be obtained for
    free from the "Fanshawe OnTheHub" site, see "Free Microsoft" - MacBooks
    only support 64-bit versions of windows.

  • an 8GB USB thumbdrive (or larger) - all data on the disk will be erased
  • (on MacBooks with optical drives) - you may require a DVD to install Windows AND the drive above.
  • Your MacBook MUST be updated to the latest version of the firmware (UFI) - this is usually done using the Software Update.

  • You MUST disable FileVault on you MacBook, failure to do so may cause the installation to fail and possible data loss.

Learn How to Get Windows for Free

How do I disable FileVault?

How do I Update?

The Process


Start the BootCamp Process

NOTE: Ensure that you have a copy of the 64-bit Windows Installation Media downloaded on your MacBook's storage drive. Also ensure that your

computer meets the requirements above, is connected to the Internet, and has sufficient power to complete the process. We strongly recommend that

you use an AC adapter while starting the BootCamp install.


Launch BootCamp from the System Tools






















❷ ❸

On the BootCamp Assistant tool, you will see three checkboxes, ensure that they are all checked, after, click continue.



Select the ISO/IMG of Windows

In this step, simply select the location of the ISO or IMG (disk image) of the Downloaded Windows. In most cases this is already set for you.



After the ISO/Image is set, click continue.





Partition the Disk

After the above step, you will be asked to partition the disk according to your needs. Simply drag the "Windows" separator until you achieve the desired

disk space that your Windows installation will use.

This process will take anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the speed of your internet

connection, the type of USB Drive you have (USB 2 or 3), and the computer. Do not power off the computer or unplug it from the network.

If this process is terminated, you will be forced to start over!

Please be aware that there is no way to change the size after you have partitioned it. Please plan ahead.

if an incorrect size is selected, you will have to start the process over from the beginning.


Please be mindful of the amount of space you dedicate to your Windows partition. You must take into consideration future uses of Windows Applications

For example, plan ahead, you may need more space to store files, or install Windows Specific software. We recommend at least 120GB, space

permitting. Failure to dedicate sufficient space will result in having to redo the installation from scratch, and thus losing all data that is stored on your

Windows partition.


Before you click continue, ensure that you have access to your Windows serial number! Failure to do so may cause you to start the process

over from the beginning!

When you have selected the appropriate space amount, click Continue. The MacBook will partition the drive and reboot into the Windows Installation.

Do not, at any time, unplug your USB drive, if you do, the operation may fail, and you will have to start over!


Install Windows

After the MacBook rebooted, it should start into the Windows installation wizard. The wizard will guide you through the steps required to install Microsoft

Windows onto your newly created Windows partition.

Keep clicking "Next" or "Continue" until you get to the serial number. Please enter the serial number that you received from the download site.


When you get to the page that states

"Where do you want to install Windows" - select the "BOOTCAMP" partition:

Ensure you have selected the CORRECT DRIVE (BOOTCAMP)! if you select the wrong one, you may delete all your data!

After you selected the "BOOTCAMP" drive, select the "Delete" Option from the options below the list (It's a red X)

Once you have clicked the "Delete" confirm that you want to complete this action. The BOOTCAMP partition will be deleted and will be renamed to

"Unallocated Space", select the "Unallocated Space" partition and click "Next"

Windows will install and automatically reboot. Ensure that you keep the USB drive plugged in during the entire process. When Windows is installed,

it will automatically start the BootCamp driver installation. This is required to make sure everything works okay! Wait for everything to complete

before using Windows.

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